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Demyx! Are you going to have a concert or a talent show soon? I think you should! You have the awdit auditorium now, right? So you should celebrate! Me and Lilo have a dance ready for whenever you do, if that's okay.

How come some people come back with their memories and some of them don't? Papa remembered everything when he came back, and Tifa did too, but most people forget. Cloud always forgets.

Welcome back, Badou, even if you don't remember... Cid! You're here too, aren't you?

Oh! It's my birthday next month already?


I think I'm going to start giving out birthday cards at the end of every month instead of on specific days 'cause it's easier that way. So Demyx, Ichigo, and Sakura, I have a card for each of you! If I missed anyone with a birthday in March, I'm sorry! Just remind me!

I had a dream about Papa last night. It was good until the end. I hope he's okay. I really miss him. And Tifa, too.

It's late and I should probably go to bed before Nani catches me, but I'm not tired and my tummy aches too much to sleep.

069 [voice]

... Harry's gone? I--

[a small, sharp intake of breath. it sounds like she's trying not to cry, but to no avail.]

I-it's not fair... he's... N-now I don't have a-a-anyone like Papa...

Mar. 14th, 2009

The rainbows are really pretty and really bright! I wish my crayons were that bright so I could draw them the way they look. I thought rainbows only come after it rains, though. And only one.

Oh! Happy Birthday, Sho! I have a card for you.


It kind of reminds me of Bahamut, only pink, and not so scary. Um. There's a... dragon. Is it good or bad? Should we all stay inside? I don't think it's tried to hurt anybody so far.

Oh, everyone! If you have time, you should stop by Maka's book club! I think there's even a puppet show. I helped make some of the puppets! She worked really, really hard and it would be nice if you came to see it at least once!

I found some chalk. Does anyone know how to play hopscotch? I think I want to go outside to play today.

Hmm. There sure are a lot of birthdays in March~


Guys, guys! Guess what?


I'm so excited! But kind of sad at the same time, because this isn't a very nice place to come to. I haven't seen him in over a year, though, and I really missed him...

Cloud! You, me, and Denzel should spend a day together! Like home. Well, almost. Tifa... I mean, only if you're not busy. Oh, and um... I don't know if you remember him, but Kadaj's other brother is here now too. Weird that they brought him at the same time as Denzel. Be careful, okay? You too, Aeris. Reno.

Oh, yeah! Don't think I haven't forgotten about the birthdays coming up! I have a whole list of people that told me when their birthday is, but I don't have any new ones, and I know there are some new people that I probably haven't met before. If you want a birthday card from me and Lilo, just tell me when your birthday is and maybe we'll surprise you! Denzel, I have a card for you too.


Is it over? I don't want to see anymore.

I've never seen this place before...

064 [voice]

[in the background, the commotion of people fighting off the noise can be heard faintly, and just over that is the quiet sound of murmuring, the words undecipherable. there's a pause, and then Marlene speaks into the communicator, voice a little shaky, but firm, as if she's trying to stay strong.]

N-Nani...? I'm okay. I-I hope you are too. I made a pact with Nanako. She's here too; don't worry, I'll protect her!

U-um. Cloud, Mona, Reno... Testament- be careful, o-okay?


There are lots of birthdays in March! I got new crayons for Valentine's day, so if your birthday is coming soon and you told me about it when I asked a while back, you can expect a card! I promise not to forget! Maybe I should make a card for Papa's birthday too, and give it to him when I get to go back home so he knows I didn't forget. I'll make one for Denzel, too.

Cloud! You're really good at hide and seek, better at hiding than at seeking! Can we play again sometime? Maybe with Nani and Lilo and Mona and Reno, too! Oh! I know! We should have a really really big game of hide and seek with everyone! Does anyone else want to play?

Reno, I drew you a picture. People only usually say bad words when they're sad or upset, so... I wanted to try to cheer you up.


... does anyone know how to use a rose?

It's really pretty.

Oh, and thank you very much for the chocolate and the crayons, whoever you are! I wish I knew who you were, so I could make you a special card.


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